Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bachmann gives a lesson in “not for sell” for the Palin zombies

Michele Bachmann has ended her bid for Presidency.

Yea, I'm a little sad, but hey she is still young, and there will be other elections. There will always be another radical moonbat for her to battle.

Her speech after, was the must genuine and showed more class than any I have seen in my lifetime. The left is always talking up Jackie O; well, I have news for them. She wouldn't make a dimple on Backmann's cute little butt.

And that Sarah Palin looks like a pulp wood truck next to a Porsche in comparison.

Unlike Palin, Michele had the class to bow out gracefully, and will endorse someone very soon. She is not a self-serving media whore who would ever let something like the "vote rouge" nonsense continue. She has way too much class, too much character, and too much integrity to treat her admirers like fools.

Only a first class ass would do something like that.

A lesson in "not for sell" for the Palin zombies.

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