Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Possibly The Most Crucial Year In Modern History.

It’s the year most of the country has been waiting for. Ever since it realized it had elected a monster president and a ravenous horde of Marxists intent on institutionalizing European style (or worse) socialism in this country. It’s highly probable that 2012 will be one of those ‘pivotal’ years that historians glory over… after the fact. Problem with that is that we are the facts. And 2012 is a slate yet to be written on.

The world is an increasingly dangerous place and, under President Barack Hussein Obama, even more so for America. This is a man who identifies more with the stated enemies of this Republic than with American citizens.

Those who read my columns will remember that in my business one can put in an outrageous number of hours, which can result in precluding my writing. No, it’s not because I can’t write when I’m dog tired. It’s more because I don’t have time to do the requisite research.

Dee, the very efficient editor of this little shooting match, can’t do it for me. She is just about maxed out too… which would explain why we haven’t seen an article from her in a while. She’s a pretty good writer in her own right.

Regular readers will remember my (former) IDF buddy, Jackie. He just returned from a couple of weeks in Israel. We both work for the same company and I was talking to him out of earshot of any staff. We were talking about Israel. So, you say, what’s the big deal? You’ve talked to him before. Prying information out of Jackie is like trying to open a giant clam with a pair of chopsticks. We’ve both watched the Iran/Middle East crisis develop with not a little trepidation. He, because Israel is his home of origin (he has family there). Me, because I’ve been fascinated by history and the events that shaped history. A life-long avocation that has taught me that history, in many ways, does repeat itself.

As Iran wraps up ten days of military exercises, Israel launches a surprise naval exercise off Haifa.

During our various conversations, one overriding theme developed. As a matter of policy, Israel does not wish to be the first to start a conflict. It’s also a stated policy that it will not permit the destruction of the State of Israel. Jackie told me that the stuff can hit the fan any time now. But he’s worried. There are, he said, tens of tens of thousands of missiles, rockets and mortars that, if all-out war erupts in the Middle East which now seems inevitable, will blast Israel, taxing her defenses to the limit. It could make the London blitz look like a Sunday School picnic.

Jackie says it’s going to be very nasty. This, coming from a bona fide combat veteran of two of Israel’s wars. He cites advanced electronics, training and weaponry being supplied to Iran, Syria and others by China, Russia and North Korea. War in the Middle East will be a game changer. America has had three years to observe and judge Barack Hussein’s hatred of Jews and his obvious antisemitism. He’s certainly flaunted it enough over the last three years. The hitch there is that a very aware America has been watching, and waiting, for 2012. America is on the move.

The new media is attracting new viewers, listeners and readers in droves. The Lame Stream Press is reeling from numbers that should be an embarrassment if it were not infected by blindness, caused by ideological fervor on behalf of its leftist masters.
It’s 2012 and America is on the march.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2012

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