Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obama Appears as Max Headroom in Iowa Video Teleconference While Spotlight Zooms in on Santorum

Tuesday night while GOP Presidential Primary Candidate RickSantorum captivated the imaginations of Conservatives nationwide, the WhiteHouse counter-acted in an odd way, to say the least, by revealing a much older looking President Obama to their own base of supporters scattered throughout the State of Iowa using a new video teleconferencingtool that many including conservative  talk radio host, Rush Limbaugh, equated with 1980’s pop-culture star Max HeadRoom.

“I’m telling you, I don’t know how this happened folks", Limbaugh told his audience on Tuesday.  "They added25 years to his appearance. He looked like the character Max Headroom outthere. Barack Obama looked like a space alien. He looked like he was 75 yearsold.”.

Seated before a computer camera backstage at the Aragon BallRoom in Chicago, Obama spoke to grassroots volunteers gathered at more than1,160 locations around the country using a custom “skype – like softwareprogram developed by Adobe systems Inc for his campaign.Obama To Iowa Dems: "More Optimistic" About "Change" Than in 2008

Although Obama urged his supporters to maintain the samesense of determination and energy they had four years ago, that was not theimpression he communicated nonverbally. As Rush said, he looked old and tired,giving the impression he would rather be doing anything but being there giving a calculated pep talk immersed in campaign rhetoric and nostalgia.

Rumors have been circulating on the blogs and the new mediafor some time that Obama had become isolated in the White House and unwillingto talk to members of Congress or anyone else for that matter.

I know that all presidents age before our eyes during theirtour of duty. Bush and Clinton, did as well although they never looked as strange and as old as Obama did on a night the attention was clearly focused on the Republicans.

The weirdness portrayed by the web broadcast amidstatic and sporadic audio interruptions was in starc contrast to the exuberanceand genuine heart felt emotion displayed by Rick Santorum, who flawlesslyaddressed his supporters without a teleprompter and appeared to genuinely speak from his heart. It was no secret that Santorum who had come out of nowhere in the pollsemerged as the big victor despite receiving 8 less votes than Romney after acurious delay in which efforts were made to find votes that were termed "missing" .

During Obama’s “Star Trek style” presentation, CBSnews reported that there was no cheering or chanting or clapping for thepresident’s message that appeared to be “beamed” from an extra terrestrialcommand center in outer space to more than 200 caucus locations throughout Iowa. Seeing that Iowa was treated likeanother planet by the mainstream media this month anyway, the analogy seemsappropriate here.

You know…”these alien life forms we’ve talked to (when weabsolutely had no choice) actually believe in God, go to church, and thinkmarriage should be between a man and a woman like that nut job Rick Santorumdoes”

Obama’s battleground state director Mitch Stewart,   who hasbeen using the platform to hold several national online training sessions toldparticipants last month that “this  isrelatively new technology and there are some bumps we’re working through” ABC: A Nostalgic Obama Uses Webcast to Rally His Iowa Roots

Boy you’ve got that right Mitch!

But before signing off lets hear a few words from the mastermind himself who paved the way long before President Obama transmitted his revolutionary new image to supporters stranded on the far away and peculiar Planet of Iowa.

Max HeadRoom

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