Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Okay, Sports Fans, It’s Tebow Time! - The Denver Broncos Impossible but Inspired Victory

by Mark A. Cohen - Over 170 of his blog posts can be read at fromthelefttotheright[dot]blogspot[dot]com

Tebowing, or dropping to one knee as Tim Tebow does, is not the equivalent of praying. This is how the Broncos quarterback shows appreciation for his natural abilities. Just as it’s okay for an atheist to believe that his talent is man-made, there’s nothing wrong with Tim Tebow believing his is heavenly.

My family moved to the Denver area in 1998, but I arrived in ’97, so we’ve seen some great Bronco teams. However, we arrived from central Florida, and none of us rooted for the home team. Our NFL alliances fell toward the Buccaneers, Giants, Jets, Vikings, and others. When John Elway gave way to aging, as all athletes do in time, I decided to get behind each Broncos quarterback in succession and tried to root for the local NFL affiliate.

Neither Elway, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, nor Kyle Orton made me a fan, but Tim Tebow did. This man possesses true executive qualities, like John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. I’m still looking for some politicians with this mojo, but few can be found. Leaders like Tim Tebow don’t force their will upon others, they get the most out of the people around them in partnerships, through motivation and encouragement.

Some imitate Tim Tebow out of respect, others to mock. Those who make fun don’t understand. God doesn’t grant sports victories for those who pray the most, and religious people know it. Instead, faith leads those who bow their heads to a better and more fulfilling life. Some express jealously when they notice the peace it brings. Angry atheists and the ignorant should try it sometime - instead of cursing.

I’m not gloating. This Denver Broncos team is average at best, and we Denver fans get it. But, the team is playing inspired football, and they accomplished an electrifying, exciting, and impossible victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. We haven’t heard hootin’ and hollerin’ over sports in our house like that since the Rockies’ unbelievable play in the 13th inning of game #163, the Matt Holliday face-plant, 9-8 victory in 2007, over four years ago. That’s got to count for something! Go… Tim Tebow!

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