Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina Primary Brings Out "Newt The Streetfighter"

It was quite gratifying to see Newt Gingrich defeat MittRomney in such an emphatic manner yesterday in the South Carolina Primary.Conservatives all over the country are angry, there is no doubt.

They’re angry at Obama and the Democrats in Congress. By theway, this marks the 966th day since Congress last passed a budget.They’re angry at the spineless Republican leadership in both houses ofCongress. They’re angry at the Republican establishment, who don’t want toupset the precious independents and Moderates everywhere. Mostly they’re angryat the MSM who have up until now been picking their candidates for themand eliminating the ones they fear the most like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman,Rick Perry, and Herman Cain.

Although Rick Santorum is still hanging around, it was Newtthat tapped into that anger this week during two debates in which he hung mediaelites, Juan Williams of Fox News and John King of CNN out to dry. It wasobvious to me that even the Conservative Beltway media pundits who have openlydisplayed disdain toward tea party and grassroots conservatives throughout thecampaign were disturbed last night as much as Romney was.

Karl Rove actually appeared desperate as he nervously ranthe numbers for us on his little white slate in an attempt to convince us Newthasn’t won the nomination yet.

Well, hardy ha ha Karl, I think we all know that, but can’tyou just let us enjoy the moment for a bit..

I actually was surprised that Newt didn’t appear in a morecelebratory mood during his victory speech, but then again that might onlydemonstrate his understanding  of theseriousness of the challenge facing him.

Romney spent millions, or at least the super pacs did in a scorchedearth media blitz aimed at taking Newt out of the race in Iowa,and the policy continued right up until Saturday, but the majority ofconservatives in the South Carolinaprimary would have none of it.

The negative attacks plus the media’s use of an angry exwife only exasperated their anger. I actually think listening to Mary Ann dumpon Newt for his desire to have an open marriage just illustrated the hypocrisy  of the MSM, who found nothing wrong with Billand Hillary’s long established open marriage. Once again the anger keep’sgrowing among “the folks” as Bill O’Reilly might say, so keep it going Newt.Keep fighting back.

Romney has been weakened considerably by the results in SCand it feels like a revolt took place against the Republican Establishment andthe MSM, doesn’t it? So we’ll just have to see, how Newt plays in Florida and throughoutthe South, but right now I think Conservatives every where want a streetfighter to take President Obama on during the coming Presidential debates andexpose him as the radical they all believe he is.

No one can envision Mitt Romney doing that. That is not theway Mitt works. My impression of Romney has always been someone who lurksaround in the background letting his money and surogates  go to war against any conservative that has the audacity to runagainst one of his hand picked moderate Republicans. Politicians who callthemselves conservatives and then do everything they can to disparage goodconservative people running for office can’t be trusted any father than you canthrow them. But that is all I’ll say about that for now…

When Mitt does say the things Conservatives and their leaderRush Limbaugh do want  him to say, itnever seems sincere to them. If Newt can keep “half of his brain tied behindhis head" as Rush often says and focus on channeling that anger found in theaudiences of conservative talk radio hosts then I think he can win thenomination.  As Rush has always understood, most of the country is conservative,they just don’t know it, and conservatives are crying out for a Republicanpolitician who can articulate what they have always felt, whether they realize it or not..

When Newt spoke to his supporters last night, he said “I’mnot a good debator. I just articulate your words.” That statement aloneindicates to me Newt does understand what conservatives want him to do, so we'll just have to see if he can continue what he started this week in South Carolina.

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