Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Word War Juan

Because there weren't already enough reasons to smash our heads into our desks until we see stars, hear chirping birds, and spill our coffee and/or whiskey, commentator Juan Williams has just produced an editorial in which he outlines the new racist codewords being used by the GOP.

Mind you, these aren't the highly-offensive old racial epithets used by Stephen Foster, the Ku Klux Klan, and every rapper in America. No, these are new "top secret" racial insults which are meant to fly under the radar by bigots who don't support Barack Hussein Obama.

For instance, Juan says that when Mitt Romney refers to our "entitlement society," it's racist. When Newt Gingrich refers to our "food stamp president" (who just offered a $75,000 bounty for new ideas to add more people to the food stamp rolls) it's racist.

It's also racist when Newt uses the phrase "poor work ethic," but it was
not racist when Barack Obama referred to Americans as "lazy."

And it gets worse. It turns out that
any words or phrases which are frequently used by conservatives are, by definition, racist codewords. For instance, Williams cites "old-fashioned American values," "Founding Fathers," and "Constitution" as being terms which should not be used in polite company or political debate.

As much as all of this seems like insanity (note: add "insanity" to the list of racist codewords), it isn't only Juan who is attacking conservative Freedom of Speech (oops - there's
another one!)

So widespread is this phenomenon - which will only grow as November approaches - that noted MSNBC lunatic Chris Matthews has given it a name: "dog whistle racism," which
nobody can hear except liberals with super-keen powers of detection.

Which is how Matthews was able to pick up on yet
another new racist codeword, which was shockingly uttered by KKK Grand Wizard Newt Gingrich on live television.

The word was (and we wish we were kidding)..."Juan."

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